Rottnest Island Course Overview

The fairways have been completely replaced and replanted with grasses suitable for the arid circumstances of an Island golf course. The putting greens have been re designed and the sand greens as they were, are now, as they should be, green.

The now family friendly bowling green has been upgraded and re-surfaced and is available every day of the week. Come out and hire the bowls and create your own family competition whilst you are staying on the island.

  • HOLE 1 PAR4
    HOLE 1 PAR4
    Sharp dog-leg left par 4 measuring 300 metres from the mens, this hole provides the big hitters with a chance to hit the green (depending on whether or not the seabreeze is in). For those more ‘sensible’ golfers, a long iron to the corner will leave you a short iron into a green exposed to the elements.
  • HOLE 2 PAR5
    HOLE 2 PAR5
    The course’s only par 5, and what a hole it is. Only 442 metres from the back, this is a genuine 3 shot hole for most golfers. Lateral water lines the right side of the fairway, catching any drive that is slightly errant. Those long enough may reach the corner in 1, although the dogleg approach uphill into a well-protected green will prove tricky. Be sure to take an extra club, as you won’t want to be short on this green.
  • HOLE 3 PAR4
    HOLE 3 PAR4
    Teeing off from Brennan’s View gives a stunning view back over towards Garden Lake, and a great overview of the course. A fairly straightforward par 4 that is quite long, measuring 374 from the back markers. A seasonal creek meanders across the fairway, during summer you’ll be inclined to take it on and hope for it to roll through, in winter however there will be waterso club selection is critical off the tee. The fairway narrows toward the green, which in itself provides one of the more challenging surfaces.
  • HOLE 4 PAR4
    HOLE 4 PAR4
    Another tricky par 4, a little over 350 metres, the same creek to navigate as the 3rd. This hole however will be decided on the putting green. A 3 tired monster that has to be seen to be believed, you’ll be chasing a 2-putt and nothing else.
  • HOLE 5 PAR4
    HOLE 5 PAR4
    A driveable par 4 for the big hitters, only 324 metres and downhill, although go for the green at your own peril, hit it left and you will never see your ball again. The ‘sensible’ play is to lay up short of the creek, leaving a 70-80 metre approach to the undulating green. Good position on the green will reward you with an achievable putt- get it wrong and you are staring down a 3 whack.
  • HOLE 6 PAR4
    HOLE 6 PAR4
    One of the hardest holes when played at maximum length of 180m, this par 3 provides a challenging test for all players. Should you manage to navigate the narrow chute of tea trees off the tee, you are again met with a green that will only reward you should you hit it to the right area. Beware, this hole has broken many a good rounds of golf.
  • HOLE 7 PAR4
    HOLE 7 PAR4
    Another hole providing sweeping panoramic views of the course and the nearby Mount Herschel. Although not overly long (328 metres), if you aren’t accurate off the tee you will record a high score. Left is dead here, automatically reload if you venture into the dunes- you won’t find your ball. The 7th is also home to ‘McNab’ (named after club legend Cam McNab who never seemed to miss it). A very shallow but wide green awaits you, with 2 distinct areas you must be sure to be on the right side if you are any chance of a 2 putt.
  • HOLE 8 PAR4
    HOLE 8 PAR4
    The shortest par 4 on the course at 281 metres, long hitters need to think twice before taking this on. The green is well protected by an old army firing range, which is prone to swallowing balls in its midst. Most players will have enough trouble negotiating ‘Lockey’s Lake’ (named after club life member and former Island sergeant Merv Lockhart). The green is relatively deep, allowing aggressive approaches at front flag positions.
  • HOLE 9 PAR4
    HOLE 9 PAR4
    Measuring 163 from the back tee, this hole is equally as tough as the par-3 6th hole. Most players will find a long iron needed to reach the green, followed by careful placement to the right area of the green, with its 3 tiers providing an epic finish to Western Australia’s most unique golfing experience.